Trademark Press Solutions provides more than just comprehensive print solutions— we are also experts in warehousing and distribution. Our experienced team will handle the logistics of warehouse and distribution through strong relationships with major partners like UPS and FedEx. No shipment is too large or too small. We have in-house kitting capabilities and the ability to distribute all of your products — from a single pack to full skids.

We are a global print distributor with a print and distribution facility in Sanford, FL, allowing us to send the products you need to multiple domestic or international locations, saving you time and legwork. Additionally, we assure accuracy and productivity by performing continuous cycle counts and comprehensive inventory management.

Trademark Press can manage your entire project from creative development to print distribution. Give us your idea and objective and we’ll produce the products you need and manage your entire distribution to all locations.

Trademark Press offers a number of industry-relevant products and services:


  • Labels: Rack/shelf, tote, carton and pallet marking, barcoded and variable image
  • Form-label combinations for pick & pack operations
  • Signage
  • Thermal printing, supplies & maintenance
  • Commercial printing
  • Job management, warehousing and distribution